Youngest Bestselling Author

According to the Guinness World Records the youngest best selling author is known as Christopher Paolini. Paolini was born in 17 November 1983 and is a citizen of the United States of America.If you’re an avid book lover then you must know of his famous book series ‘The Inheritance Cycle’.

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He started writing immediately after high school at the tender age of 15 and in 2002 his first book Eragon was published by his parents publishing company, Paolini international LLC. His book series was picked up and published in 2003 by famous publisher Alfred .A. Knopf and this led to Paolini being the New York Times bestselling author.

His first book was made into a movie but it received negative reviews but that hasn’t stopped him.He has went on to release more books and he is currently estimated to be a net worth of $25 million dollars.


Types of Book Genres

When reading a book you might like a specific type.The specific type of books which you are you like or are attracted to is what is known as a genre.There are two genres of books,these are fiction and non fiction


These are stories that have been made up entirely from the author’s mind.They may talk of what we go through our daily lives but they constitute of made up characters.Other fictional stories are based on worlds and dimensions that don’t exist but made up purely from the author’s mind.Fiction stories consist of;

  1. Mystery
  2. Horror
  3. Thriller
  4. Action and Adventure
  5. Chick Lit
  6. Romance
  7. science fiction
  8. Historical Fiction
  9. Suspense
  10. Poetry

Non fiction

Non fiction books are books that are based on true stories but told in a way that is still captivating to the audience.These include:

  1. Autobiography
  2. Book Review
  3. health
  4. Memoirs
  5. Travel
  6. Self help
  7. Travel

Books That Have Been Turned into Successful movies

It’s not uncommon for successful books to be adopted into movies.You’ll be surprised to know that most of the famous movies you’ve watched are adapted from novels.Below are some of the books which have went on to become movies and TV series.

Game Of Thrones

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Hunger Games.

Photo Courtesy : List Challenges

Orange Is The New Black

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Harry Porter

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Maze Runner

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The fault in our stars

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The Godfather

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Pride and Prejudice

Jurassic Park

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These are books that are available in digital form.They can be accessed through computers and other electronic forms.They are mostly referred to as ‘the electronic version of printed books.’ They can be accessed through computers,smartphones,tablets and even laptops,these are known as ‘e-readers’.

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E-books became common because they are easy to purchase since you could order online and they’d be sent to you or you could download them unlike print books which you’d order and wait for them to be delivered through mail or having to go out of your way to go and buy them at book shops.

The advantages of buying e-books is that they are easily available from the comfort of your own home.They are also cheaper compared to printed books and they have with a larger selection of titles.

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